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I am Marius Arnautu and I am really happy that you found me!! I love my life as it unfolds with tears and smiles. As a Dubai wedding photographer, I am trying to give you not just posed, fake images but works of art that will blow your mind, images that say who you are and make complete strangers stop and stare. During the wedding day, I will work my but off by putting my heart and soul for each image that I take. After years you will laugh, cry and go trough the same emotions like its happening again…
As a wedding photographer in Dubai, I love to work with sincere and honest couples that love each moment of their life.


Hello, I’m Marius, a creative and modern documentary Dubai Wedding Photographer. I love to travel and photograph weddings all over the UAE and Europe. You’ll see from my portfolio that I work anywhere and everywhere.  If you’re looking for a creative photographer offering natural, relaxed and fun images from your wedding then you’ve come to the right place. My approach is mostly journalistic but I love to be creative. Nothing cheesy, nothing too traditional, nothing boring.  just good photography telling the story and capturing the fun and emotion of your day from start to finish.

So if you’re planning to get married and like the idea of documentary wedding photography with a creative twist please get in touch for more information and I’d be happy to meet you for a coffee, tea or a hot chocolate if it’s really cold which is not the case in Dubai.

A Creative Documentary Approach

Check out my blog to see what I do, but in a nutshell my style is modern, fun and creative, concentrating on the emotion of the day. Most of my work is documentary photography which means that I’ll get on with shooting the wedding whilst you just get married and have a great time! I love to have the opportunity to create some unique portraits for you, these are shot in the same creative and informal style as I cover the rest of the wedding.

Wedding Photographer Dubai

As  a Wedding Photographer Dubai and the surrounding area provides a beautiful and varied backdrop for my photography. The architecture and culture of this Dubai City has a lot to offer. There’s an increasing number of new, trendy and fashionable venues for newly engaged couples looking for something modern and different. From Deira area to the High rises of Marina to the rich social and cultural history, Dubai is full of life and artistic flare.

Why book me to photograph your big day?

  1. Experience. I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 3 years. In that time I’ve photographed a whole range of couples in too many places to mention. I’m confident that I can deal well with anything a wedding day can throw at me.
  2. Vision. I have a clear style and idea of the things I want to capture. These are based around the story and emotion of the day. My photography and editing style is consistent so you have a very good idea of the kind of images you’re going to get if you book me. I love creative, natural and modern imagery, symmetry, interesting angles and most of all real moments.
  3. Lighting Expertise. I bring my own lighting equipment to each wedding so that I can confidently create high quality images whatever the available light. I also use additional lighting for special effects in my portraits.
  4. I’m a ninja. Whilst I’ll take charge of some parts of the day such as the portraits and group photos, the rest of the coverage is journalistic in style. I spend a lot of time watching and anticipating moments in order to create images that have emotion and meaning. So for the most part you’ll be able to get on with having a great time without any interruption from me!